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Cottages wooden chalets
The wooden house or cottage is the symbol of the times , to which we all want to go back . To childhood, to the land of fairy tales. For a sense of security . For long-forgotten scents and moods. When you pass through the door of a wooden house , you enter a world where time has stopped . I do it every time willingly, because every day is thirsty little magic .
Wooden houses - the manufacturer or the manufacturer ?
We prefer the term creator than the manufacturer , because our log cabins are not mass produced . Every time is a unique work - a product of our hands and hearts , we put in the work . When building a wooden house lean over every detail , we extract the natural beauty of wood , jars and curvature , which are an asset finished product . Put in the work of all our joy of creation , and this translates into joy and satisfaction of our customers.
Why else should you choose a wooden cottage ?
  • Wooden houses are healthier .
  • Wooden houses are cheaper than brick .
  • Wooden houses are warmer in winter and cooler in summer .
See an example of log cabins that we have built .


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