About us

Note excellence
Move to another place and time
Life does not have to be boring and sloppy . It may have bajowy charm , the charm and timeless quality . To give you that create a unique space . We create a place where time has stopped . So you can forget about the race of the modern world , relax and enjoy the endless amounts of energy.
How do we do it ?
We produce unique furniture . All our products are manufactured from start to finish by hand according to traditional rules of craftsmanship . I do not produce anything in the mass production machine , because such products do not have the mass of the soul. We treat the wood with respect and we extract from the natural material everything most beautiful.
NOTE Garden Furniture Manufacturer
Make note of Garden Furniture is a company with years of experience operating in the field of carpentry . We work with passion by inserting in the production process all their knowledge and energy. Therefore, we enjoy excellent results and customer satisfaction .
Why us?
Because each of our project is different . Craft product obtained , which will be distinguished from all others. It will have its own individual and unique character. It will also have a timeless style that will never go out of fashion , so as never out of fashion does not come wood products. They are so durable that accompanied the years of many generations.
What we do?
  • log cabins
  • garden sheds with thatched roofs , boards or shingles bitumen
  • grill- smokehouse
  • wooden carports
  • wood decking
  • furniture
Convenient form of purchase
We are committed to your satisfaction and that you can fulfill your dreams regardless of whether you have at the moment insufficient resources. With hire purchase you no longer have to settle for compromises and look for solutions of inferior quality. You may already have unique products made ​​of real wood , the history of which will now be co-create a story about you and your family .
How else can you use ?
We create concepts of land . Just that you point us to the place and we will plan space so that every moment spent there was pleasure. If you have your own idea , tell us about it, and we will process it according to your instructions . We are steady , the term and proud of their work . Nothing we do not use more than the fulfillment of a dream client.
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